Our History

In 1912, King George V Recreational Grounds changed face as many areas did in the County, when large tracts of land were given to the local Councils.

It is on part of this ground that Bushey Bowling Club was established in 1912. Originally, it was farm land and an Ordinance Map of 1872 shows the approximate site between two farms called Coldharbour and Harts.

The area of the green can be easily traced from the stream which still flows alongside the green.

Current Club Badge

Current Club Badge

Our club badge shows, the Hart for Hertfordshire; the tree for Bushey; the Palette for the many Art Schools Hercomer: Lucy Kemp-Welch and Frobisher; the nightingale (sadly not so prolific nowadays in the area) and the green for the green itself.

Bushey Urban Badge appears on the new gates installed at the Park entrance to celebrate the Millennium, but the blue lines of the River Colne substitute the green of the Club badge.

A ladies section was founded in 1939 and the club became a mixed club about 1984.

Former Badge of Ladies Section

Former Badge of Ladies Section

In 1992 Hertsmere borough Council asked the club to become self-sufficient and a management committee of 21 persons, comprising both men and woman, totally run the clubs affairs.

In 1997 the club applied for a lottery grant through the Sports Council and were granted £20,000 to upgrade the club house, also added was a new changing room for the men.


It is rumoured that the game of bowls goes back to the ancient Egyptians.

Over the years there have been a few highlights………

Monument to Sir Francis Drake, Tavistock

Monument to Sir Francis Drake, Tavistock

Henri Matisse 1908.I think we will keep our present dress code!

Henri Matisse 1908.     I think we will keep our present dress code!