Members’ Notices

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We rely on Members to be our eyes and ears when at the Club. If you see anything that needs attention, from a light bulb needed to a new hazard please let us know. There is a new book located by the phone for this purpose.

Don’t gripe write!!!!


Clubmark logoThe Committee has decided that it would benefit the Club to work towards Clubmark accreditation. This is a scheme by which sports clubs throughout the nation provide evidence that they meet certain criteria necessary for a well-run club. If we meet these criteria we will be awarded a Clubmark.

For our club this will mean recording and creating documentation for practices and procedures that are already in existence and looking at some areas where there might be room for improvement. To this end the Committee will from time to time pass and minute these practices and procedures. At the moment we have formalised a Code of Conduct for Members and another for Officers of the Club. We have also written a procedure/checklist for anyone locking the Club premises.



We have looked at various ways of protecting Members in the event of an emergency. The easiest way, and the most respectful of Members privacy, is to use the Membership card as a source for emergency details.

The Club recommend that Members fill in an emergency contact and any relevant medical information in the space on their new card. Please then carry this card with you in your wallet, purse or bowls bag.  Easy!