Cleaning and Catering Duties

Cleaning Duties

Members are required to be on the cleaning rota during one week of the season  &  need to

  1. Indicate that they have noted the week
  2. Carry out cleaning duties at least twice in that week & date the list when completed.
  3. Carry out the cleaning  prior to any matches  to ensure that visitors are welcomed into a clean & tidy clubhouse.
  4. Men are responsible for cleaning the Men’s changing room & toilets, the disabled toilet, the corridor between, the main club room & the Visitors changing room.
  5. Ladies are responsible for cleaning the Ladies changing rooms & toilets, the kitchen & the corridor between.

Catering Duties

Members are required to assist with catering for matches & placed on a rota & need to –

  1. Indicate that they have noted the week. If they cannot do the date allocated it is their responsibility to arrange to change with another member & this change noted on the sheet
  2. The group allocated on the day should familiarise themselves with the Advice to Caterers document – new for 2015.  (Copy on this website)
  3. The menu will be agreed and arrangements made for carrying out shopping
  4. Laying of tables, meal preparation, serving & clearing up & washing up are all part of the duty
  5. One member of the group must be at the club by 2pm to serve at the bar prior to the game.
  6. Drinks order slips will be given to each rink & these orders should be prepared as the rinks leave the green.
  7. Ensure that the correct money is collected from each rink
  8. Further drinks should be served after the meal has been served as required.
  9. All glasses should be washed & the bar & the kitchen left in a clean & tidy state
  10. The Captain of the day is responsible for closing the bar & locking up.