Last person to Leave?

Bushey Bowling Club

Last Person to Leave?

When possible would all members try to ensure that no one is left in the clubhouse to lock up on their own.

Before you leave please ensure

1  That all equipment has been cleared from the green & put away in the equipment shed.

2   Lock the equipment shed & Visitors Shed.

3   Lock the external door by the men’s changing room.

4   Turn off the lights in the men’s corridor

5   Lock the door between men’s corridor & club room.

6   Put down shutters in club room, kitchen, ladies changing room

7   Turn off heaters (except those on a timer)

8   Turn off all lights

9   Set the alarm & lock the external door

10 Padlock the gate

Park Gates at the end of the drive

The Council have agreed that if the club is open & members cars are in the car park the Park Rangers will not lock the park gates at the designated times. Oct – Mar 4pm; Apr – May 7pm and June – Sept 9pm


This means that the club is then responsible for shutting and padlocking these gates

SO Before you drive off

Ensure that there are no other cars in the car park.

Close & padlock the gates (Use the same key as the one used to open the club gate.)