The Marker’s Duties

  1. Centre the jack.
  2. Make sure that the jack is at least 23 metres from the front of the mat after it has been centred.
  3. Place a jack that comes to rest less than 2 metres from the front ditch alongside the edge of a 2 metre measuring device.
  4. Stand to one side of the rink, behind the jack and away from the head.
  5. Answer any specific question about the state of the head which is asked by the player in possession of the rink.
  6. When asked, tell or show the player in possession of the rink the position of the jack.
  7. When asked, tell or show the player in possession of the rink which bowl or bowls the Marker considers to be shot.
  8. Mark all touchers and remove any chalk from non-touchers as soon as they come to rest.
  9. Stop any bowl that is from a neighbouring rink that could move a jack or bowl that is at rest.
  10. If both players agree, remove all dead bowls from the rink of play.
  11. Mark the position of the jack and any touchers which are in the ditch.
  12. Do not move, or cause to be moved, either the jack or any bowl until the players have agreed the number of shots scored.
  13. Measure any disputed shots when asked to do so by either player. If the players are not satisfied with the Marker’s decision, the Marker should ask the umpire to do the measuring.
  14. When each end has been completed the Marker should record the score on the scorecard; tell the players the running totals of the scores and remove the rink mat used during the previous end if necessary.
  15. When the game is completed the Marker should make sure the scorecard contains the names and signatures of the players and the time at which the game was complete.



All rules and laws can be found in WORLD BOWLS, Laws of the Sport of Bowls (including domestic regulations for Bowls England) £2