Advice to Caterers

At Bushey Bowling Club we are subject to spot checks by Environmental Health Officers. These inspections are to ensure that minimum standards are met with regard to food handling. It is a fact that food poisoning is not uncommon due to e-coli and other bacteria and as a club we should take all possible measures to prevent it.

The advice below consists of few simple measures and reminders which are in the interests of all our members and guests. Please observe them.

 Cross Contamination

Always wash your hands when working with food, re-wash when necessary

  • Wear a clean protective apron or tabard and consider if disposable gloves are appropriate
  • Ensure that only caterers and servers enter the kitchen when food is around
  • Use a clean dishcloth and tea towel every day and change them when it is soiled


 Ensure that all food preparation areas are clean before working with food. If unsure clean them again using anti-bacterial cleanser and a clean cloth or paper

  • General cleaning of the kitchen will have been done by members on the cleaning rota and thorough, in depth cleaning at the beginning and end of the bowling season.


Perishable food brought in prior to the day of use should be stored in the refrigerators or freezer

  • Ensure that all food passed its use-by date is discarded
  • All left overs must be marked with the date that were prepared or they need to be discarded. (Professional standards are that food may be kept for three days)
  • Left over items such as butter and pickles should not be returned to the original package/jar after use but marked with a date or discarded.


 No raw meat should be cooked at the club

  • Any raw vegetables (such as potatoes) brought to the club should be clean and free from soil
  • Any food to be served warm must be heated thoroughly